Tax – Accounting

Tax policy in Vietnam frequently changes and procedures are complicated. Tax service of TLT Legal could help clients passing those issues

We focus on tax consultancy service in order to assist clients to minimize their payable taxes legally.

In addition, in the context of the differences between a various subjects of perception and application of tax law in Vietnam, we often represent and protect clients rights in cases of complaint and dispute about tax.

Our team of tax lawyers and legal professionals are well educated in finance, accounting, auditing and taxation from prestigious universities. We regularly update the changes of tax law.

Therefore, we are confident to provide our clients with the most efficient tax advice.

Our main services include:

  • Advising on tax procedures: tax registration, tax filing, tax declaration and payment …;
  • Providing tax consultancy for enterprises: corporate income tax, personal income tax, value added tax, special consumption tax, income tax on capital transfer, import tax …;
  • Consultancy on tax incentives in investment activities;
  • Representing clients working with tax authorities;
  • To complain tax decisions;
  • To litigate tax disputes in the Vietnamese courts at the first instance and appellate courts.


If you would like further information about our tax service and how TLT Legal could assist in addressing your legal matters, please feel free to contact us via:


0862 667736