Peace of mind about all the labor matters and focus on business

Our lawyer team of labor and employment assists a number of clients to ensure compliance with labor laws in Vietnam. We offer a range of specialized legal services in the field of labor, including from internal document development, compliance counseling, representing clients to participate in negotiation, mediation and litigation in court.

1. Consultancy on compliance with labor law

We review, advise and draft internal documents of businesses, including:

  • Labor regulations;
  • Labor contracts;
  • Internal management regulations;
  • Commitments and labor agreements;
  • Disciplinary decision;

We conduct employment procedure check and review documents to ensure client is compliant with Vietnamese labor law, for example:

  • Process of labor discipline;
  • Process of signing, modifying, terminating of labor contract;
  • Process of dispute resolution;
  • Restructure the enterprise, reorganize labor and wages;

2. To protect and secure the rights and interests of clients in court

If there is a dispute between businesses and employees, we will accompany with clients to work together to achieve the best results. We prioritize reconciliation to minimize settlement costs. On the other hand, we could participate in appointing representative and appointing attorney to protect and secure the rights and interests of clients in court. Our services include:

  • Advice on the direction of labor dispute settlement;
  • To participate in protection clients rights in the state authorities;
  • Representing clients and appointing attorney to protect clients rights in court;


If you would like further information about our labor & employment service and how TLT Legal could assist in addressing your legal matters, please feel free to contact us via:


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