Family and Matrimonial Services for Foreigners

In a family, there are many different relationships such as: common property, separate property, common children, adopted children, inheritance, support relationships, marriage with a foreigner, residence of husband and wife, etc. These issues are often quite delicate because they are related to the honor and dignity of individuals. Therefore, when dealing with marriage and family issues, it is necessary to handle them very carefully to avoid affecting personal reputation and relationships between family members.

The family law team of TLT Legal is very confident that we can handle clients’ delicate personal issues. The legal services we have regularly provided to a large number of clients include:

  • Consulting and supporting the implementation of adoption procedures;
  • Consulting and supporting the implementation of marriage procedures with foreigners, marriage with overseas Vietnamese;
  • Consulting on setting up marital property agreements, division of common property and separate property;
  • Consulting on legal issues on divorce disputes;
  • Consulting on legal issues on inheritance disputes;
  • Counseling and support in handling alimony and child custody claims;
  • Lawyers participating in the settlement of marriage and family disputes at people’s courts.

If you would like further information about our Family and Matrimonial Services and how TLT Legal could assist in addressing your legal matters, please feel free to contact us via:


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